Stop wasting time with the wrong person you call them but they don’t pick up, they find your missed calls but they don’t call back, you text them but they never reply to any of your


You always have time for them but they are ever so busy for you, you want to meet them and have some mature talks with them but they are full of excuses, you do everything

possible to make them happy but they don’t appreciate your effort..

You introduced them to your friends and family but they have never introduced you to any important person in their life, you are so proud of them but they aren’t proud of you, you

truly love them but you aren’t sure if they love you because they don’t show it..

You want to spend your future with them

but they don’t like to talk about future plans, you are doing everything you can to make the relationship work but they all their best to make it end. Then why are you with them? Why are you wasting your time and energy on them? 

Honestly you deserve someone better who will appreciate your effort and even return your love. Stop wasting your time with that wrong

person. Get yourself together and move on. I know it isn’t easy, but if you know your worth, you’ll make it...πŸ‘Œ



JUST-IN: Funke Akindele, JJC Skillz’s Marriage Finally Crashes.

JJC Skillz, the husband of actress, Funke Akindele-Bello, has announced that their marriage is over.

In a post on his Instagram page on Thursday, JJC Skillz said he moved out of the house three months ago and they had been leading separate lives.

He said, “Dear Friends and family, I need to let you know that Funke and I have separated. While it lasted we shared a lot of things together and have created 2 beautiful children.

down in an amicable manner to discuss the future of our relationship.

“I’m making this announcement so that the public is clear that we both are pursuing separate lives. We still have issues that need to be addressed such as the custody and well-being of our children “which is paramount as well as business interests which need to be disentangled but I have no doubt that these will be resolved one way or the other.”

JUST-IN: Funke Akindele, JJC Skillz’s Marriage Finally Crashes.

 Just In : 314 Boko Haram terrorists surrender to troops in Borno

The Nigerian Army has said 314 Boko Haram terrorists surrendered to the troops in Borno State.

The Army, in a statement on Wednesday, June 29, said 12 farmers were also rescued by the troops

“The ongoing offensive onslaught against terrorism in the North East recorded another success today, 29 June 2022 as 314 BokoHaram/ISWAP fighters surrendered to troops in Bama LGA of Borno State. Additionally, 12 farmers were also rescued by the troops. Profiling of the surrendered terrorists is ongoing” the statement read.

Just In : 314 Boko Haram terrorists surrender to troops in Borno-TMC NEWS


: It hurts me a lot whenever I see a good relationship tearing apart, but then it comes into my mind that most people don't know how to maintain a relationship. So I have to say this.


Guys if you love a girl and you're sure you love her, there are things you have to do to prove it:

1. Never push her to do the things, she doesn't want to do.

2. Always try to listen carefully to her, and understand her.

3. Try to give her space to develop herself as a person.

4. Take very good care of her, in every possible way.

5.Try to call or text her, it goes a long way to remind her, that you are thinking about her.

6. Try to help her in every way you can.

7. Always worry about how she feels about things, worry about how she sees the world, try to get to know about her goals, and understand why she lives her life the way she does.

8. Try to trust her, now I know this may be hard especially if you have trust issues, but if you love a girl you should be able to trust her.

9. Try complimenting her, believe me it hurts a girl when the guy that claims he loves her, but can't tell her she is beautiful. I mean you see her in a new dress and you just walk away, that's really bad.

10. If you love a girl you'd accept her the way she is, you won't try to change her. You would love her for who she is today and not for what will be tomorrow, and you would feel blessed to have her by your side.


LADIES, you also have a great part to play in a relationship, if you love that guy then:

1. You respect him, guys love girls who respect them a lot, you don't try to bruise his ego by being disobedient and disrespectful.

2. Listen to him whenever he is talking, never talk back at a guy or walk away from him.

3. If you notice your guy is angry, don't be in a hurry to find out what his problem is, give it time, especially if he is hot tempered, allow his temper to cool before talking to him.

4. Try to get close to his family members. A guy would love you more, if he sees you are in good terms with his family.

5. Do not nag at him, guys hate it when girls nags at them.

6. Girls you just can't wake up one morning and say you want to change your guy, that's impossible. If you want him to change, then give him time and reasons to change.

7. Try to show him how much you love and care about him, by being faithful. If you love your guy so much, I see no reason why your eyes should be on other guys.

8. Be independent, don't just sit around there and wait for him to do all things. Try to help out, guys value girls who can contribute positively to their lives.

9. Be neat, a guy would love his girl to be neat and presentable, don't be a talkative, guys hate that a lot. Try to give yourself some pride and dignity, as a girl you deserve to have that. Don't make the mistake of throwing yourself at a guy, that's really bad.

10. You don't fight a guy, just because you're having a misunderstanding doesn't give you the right to fight with him. If you are arguing with him and can't seem to sort it out, then do your fightings in prayers. 

It's not your job to fight and argue with your guy, it is your job to pray for him, pray for his heart and every aspect of his life. Above all put God in the center of your relationship, and there is no way you can lose.


 DPO summoned by CP as Woman allegedly tortured by Policemen is missing- TMC NEWS

A woman and her two children have been declared missing in Osun State after a Divisional Police Officer (DPO) and other police officials allegedly brutalised her in Iwo council.

It was gathered that the woman, Blessing Mba, went to Adeke Police Station in Iwo to secure the bail of her son who was detained there.

But police allegedly accused her of bringing fetish sacrifice to the station.

A source said the DPO of the station, Adekunle Ige, ordered his men to torture her because she refused to leave the station.

“Blessing fainted while the officers were torturing her which forced them to stop. The police later helped her to regain consciousness. But the woman has gone missing since last week Friday after the incident,” the source said.

Police spokesperson Yemisi Opalola confirmed the incident, saying, “Investigation is ongoing to unravel the matter as the victim is still missing. The Commissioner of Police ordered the policemen involved to be detained at the State CID, while the DPO, CSP Adekunle Ige was told to report at his office.

DPO summoned by CP as Woman allegedly tortured by Policemen is missing- TMC NEWS

 Be sensitive while registering your sim or after,lot's of innocent people has been imprison for this ignorance πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Sim Registration Alert‼️‼️



Workers’ Strike: Gov. Abiodun meets Labour Leaders Wednesday


Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, has invited Organised Labour in the State to a meeting on Wednesday to resolve the industrial action embarked upon Tuesday by government workers.

The meeting is expected to discuss all issues contained in the list of grievances raised by the workers for embarking on the indefinite strike action.

A statement in Abeokuta on Tuesday by the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Alhaji Abdulwaheed Odusile, said the governor is taking personal charge of resolving the grouse of the workers as part of his personal and Administration’s commitment to the welfare and wellbeing of workers in Ogun State, which has been amply demonstrated since the inception of the Administration.

“I am personally committed to ensuring an improved welfare of workers in Ogun State and will do all that is necessary to achieve this”, the statement quoted the governor as saying, adding that: “this is a workers’ friendly Administration and will remain so under my watch”.

“One of the first duties I performed on my first day at work as the Governor on May 30, 2019 was to approve the immediate payment of salaries of our workers, which had not been paid by the immediate past Administration until then. I also made a vow that salaries of workers in the State will be paid on or before the end of each month. And we have been doing that religiously ever since.

“Even in the face of dwindling resources, rising needs and this strike, the salaries are being remitted. I am sure they will start receiving bank credit alerts in the next 24 hours for the month of June. We are one of the few States in the country not owing workers salary and paying as and when due”, the statement quoted the Governor as saying.

It further explained that the whatever issues being raised by the aggrieved workers would be expeditiously addressed: “Most of their complaints were inherited from the previous Administrations, but as a responsive and responsible Government, we are tackling them one after the other, even as we are being hampered by paucity of funds.

“The money accruable to us from the Federation Account and sundry sources have been dwindling for a long time now and this is affecting our ability to meet some of our obligations but even at that we have been prioritising the interests of our workforce”, Governor Abiodun added.

He however assured workers that he would do everything within available means to address issues of concern to the workers, whilst urging them to show understanding with the Government and call off the strike.  


Alhaji Abdulwaheed Odusile

Hon. Commissioner for Information & Startegy

Workers’ Strike: Gov. Abiodun meets Labour Leaders Wednesday

 32-yr-old man, two others arrested for plucking a 16-yr-old boy’s eyes in Bauchi




The Bauchi State Police Command has arrested a 32-year-old man, Isaac Ezekiel and two others, for allegedly pl#cking the eyes of a 16-year-old boy for ritu@l purposes.



It was gathered that the hideous crime was committed at Jira Mountain in Yelwa, a suburb of Bauchi metropolis, on Friday morning, June 24, 2022. 



According to the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), SP Ahmed Mohammed Wakil, on the said day, the principal suspect, Ezekiel lured the victim into a nearby bush for a casual job on his farm.



“Ezekiel then used a cable wire to str@ngul@te Uzairu Salisu into a coma and use a knife to rem@ve the two eyes for a ritu@l purpose.



The suspect had in April 2022 conspired with the two other suspects to conceive the idea to commit the atrocity of getting the eyeb@lls of a human being.

32-yr-old man, two others arrested for plucking a 16-yr-old boy’s eyes in Bauchi-TMC NEWS

 Nigerians drag Yoruba actor Itele after he revealed what he did to his abandoned children.

Itele abandons children

Yoruba Nollywood actor Ibrahim Yekini, known as Itele, has revealed his side of the story after numerous backlash from netizens.

TMC-NEWS recalls that a controversial blogger called out the actor over his irresponsible behaviour toward the children from his previous marriage.

The details released by Gist Lover alleged that Itele abandoned four children with his second wife after the first one left due to the abuse she suffered.

Numerous allegations have followed suit. Gist Lover had also alleged that he had an affair with his colleague, Tope Solaja and is currently having one with an upcoming actress, Debankee.

TMC NEWS reported that gist lover reached out to Itele’s second wife to confirm the reports making rounds about him. However, his second wife revealed dirty secrets about him when she revealed that her children had been at home for over a week because of unpaid school fees.

One minute around the Atlantis - The Palm - Dubai

“Hello tueh tueh, away from all the cruise and vawulence, let’s be serious now, this is a voice note from the second wife, she said and I quote “Itele children has been at home since last week because she doesn’t have enough money for feeding and school fees, today been Monday again she had to lock them in the house to avoid the shame of them roaming the street without going to school on a Monday morning, she also went further to say she didn’t go to Dubai to do olosho ooo Na house help she go do for Oman” this one breaks my heart in as much as I know, if I tell GLB NATION to contribute for those kids now now, we will raise over a million for them, but I won’t tell them to, for the first time we won’t help, I mean, y’all are public figures, which day for here you buy keep, small time una go rent hall do another naming whereas pikin wey una born before hunger dey catch am, GLB Nation sef get their own wahala wey them go use money for, ni he say we no fit spare some for una but y’all should take responsibility for once, we understand say papaya Na Omo 2003 wey never get sense Na why we give her papa money, how about you Itele??? You are over 40, in your mid forties and you dey live life like this your 2nd wife dey do house help, them pursue children come house cause of school fees, first wife pikin dey go public school, yet you carry 3side chics out for body, small time you go come IG come dey do big boy with filter and Ava made Gucci, have some shame man, I ever dey cruise before but seeing situation of things, it’s really sad, you can’t be mean to your wives and children wey no get sin, na Jeje them dey before una knock bring them come this world, have some shame, GLB Nation I am sorry we won’t be giving anybody money this time but make una go him page go help me beg am make him take responsibility of those kids, the 1st and second wife kids, the third wife dey there dey fight side chics up and down and won’t advise the oloko giveaway man to care for his kids, all these oloriburuku side chics too be doing the most, all of una go dey alright but first thing first, take care of those kids or you jam agbako.”

Following these updates, Itele took to Instagram to debunk reports of his irresponsibility. He disclosed that he pays an allowance of 70 thousand naira to his children’s mother despite not being sure if he fathered three out of the four children.

The actor also clarified that he is a God-fearing man who has never neglected any of his responsibilities.

Nigerians drag Yoruba actor Itele after he revealed what he did to his abandoned children- TMC NEWS


BREAKING: Fire Outbreak On Broad Street Lagos.

June28, 2022 | TMC NEWS

A fire outbreak has been reported at a building located at 118 Broad Street, CMS, in Lagos.

According to a statement by Dr Olufemi Damilola Oke-Osanyintolu of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), the agency responded to the incident which was relayed to LASEMA through its toll-free 112 emergency number on Tuesday morning.

“On arrival at the scene of the incident, it was discovered that a room in a warehouse where shoes are stored was gutted by fire.

The fire ignited as a result of a power surge when electricity was restored.

“Fortunately there was no casualty in the incident. The agency’s response team alongside LRU fire, Lagos State fire service and Federal fire service are responders at the scene of the incident working together to put out the fire. Operation ongoing,” the statement added

BREAKING: Fire Outbreak On Broad Street Lagos.

 Husbands, here’s how to love your Wife

1. Play with her breasts, don’t play with her heart.

2. Open up her heart, don’t open her old wounds.

3. Keep her secrets, don’t keep secrets from her.

4. Beat up her problems, don’t beat her up.

5. Help her to make good judgements, don’t judge her.

6. Spread her legs alone, don’t spread sexual diseases to her.

7. Fool around with her, don’t make a fool out of her.

8. Laugh with her, don’t laugh at her.

9. Suck her nipples, don’t suck life and joy out of her.

10. Make her scream in bed when making love, don’t make her scream out of frustration and depression.

11. Silence her storms and battles, don’t silence her voice and opinions.

12. Make her moan in pleasure, don’t make her mourn the death of your love.

13. Relieve her stress, don’t give her stress.

14. Spank her butt cheek, don’t slap her face cheek.

15. Surprise her with gifts, don’t surprise her with lies.

16. Make her wet between her legs, don’t make her eyes wet with tears.

17. Be by her side, don’t sideline her.

18. Make love to her doggie style, don’t be a dog that cheats on her.

19. Make other women jealous of her by how you love her, don’t make her jealous.

20. Keep a record of all the good she deliberately does daily, not the wrong she unintentionally does occasionally.

21. Don’t insult her stretchmarks, stretch her vision so that she leaves a positive mark on Earth.

Husbands, here’s how to love your Wife

 44-yr-old man bags life sentence for r@ping 4-yr-old girl in Ekiti 



The Ministry of Justice, Ekiti State, has released the details of another convicted s#x offender.



Usman Tajudeen, 44, was sentenced to life imprisonment for r@ping a four-year-old girl by an Ekiti State High Court sitting in Ado-Ekiti 



The charge sheet reads in part: “That you, Usman Tajudeen, on 21st August 2020, at Ikere Ekiti, within the jurisdiction of this honourable court did r@ped a four-year-old girl.”



In her testimony before the court, the mother of the victim said, “I was away making cassava flour. My daughter went to excrete. When I went to pack the f@eces, I noticed bl@@d in it. I checked her an#s and v@gina and saw bl@@d coming out. I was scared. When I enquired she said it was Daddy Latifat (the accused) that put his something to where I was urinating.”

44-yr-old man bags life sentence for r@ping 4-yr-old girl in Ekiti -TMC NEWS